Both Mac and PC output are welcome at Printpoint, Inc.


Current PC

• Quark Express,

• Adobe PageMaker

• Macromedia Freehand

• Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe PhotoShop 

• Word

• CorelDraw


Current Mac

• Quark Express

• Adobe Pagemaker

• Macromedia Freehand

•  Adobe Illustrator

• Adobe Photoshop 

• Word


Submitting your files

Files can be submitted on 100 or 250 MB Zip Disks, CD-ROM, 3.5-in. floppies, Jump Drives or by E-mail. If files are not available we can work from camera ready artwork to create them.

When submitting files, PrintPoint requires a printed copy of the job. Send both color separated pages and a composite when it is more than one color. Please include a copy of the Font Folder ( the typefaces used to create the job) and any artwork, an Art Folder with all logos, illustrations and scans, and the Job Folder containing the native file format in which the job was created. Provide a mock up to indicate how your job is imposed and how it folds.

Once we receive your order, a proof is made and returned for your approval. If changes are needed, either you can make them and supply new files, or you may request that we do the corrections at a nominal rate.